Mold Remediation

There are many types of naturally occurring mold species that are present in our environment.

In a moist environment, mold will flourish. Typically, this is common outside. However, with the right combination of destructive factors, mold will grow inside an inhabited structure.

Due to roof leaks, pipe leaks, toilet leaks, leaking sinks, water intrusion in crawlspaces, etc. mold can begin to grow, sometimes unnoticed for long periods of time. Only when a rotten floor is discovered, or a stain on either the ceiling of wall is evident, is mold identified.

After a certified mold inspector has identified the source of the problem and has recommended a course of remedial action, Eastern Environmental, Inc. has the state-of-the-art equipment and certified mold remediators to fix the problem and the resulting damage.

With dehumidification, air filtration, thorough clean-up activities, and mold inhibiting chemicals along with our team of restoration professionals, Eastern Environmental, Inc. can get your home, business, or investment property back in like new condition.

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